High Five and Get $25!

High Five and Get $25!

Ended August 2

Want to grow your network fast and make some extra cash? Start high fiving your friends & family and tell them about Solavei Mobile Service! Every new member you enroll between July 9 – August 2 is worth an extra $25 deposit on your Solavei PayCard – and the people you enroll also get $25. It’s a WIN-WIN for EVERYONE!

Here’s how it works – new members must:

  • Enroll between July 9 – August 2
  • Activate Solavei Mobile Service by August 15
  • Keep mobile service account and Solavei PayCard active and paid through October 12

Additional rules apply for Social Thousandaires and above.


How do I qualify for the cash?

You must enroll as a new member with mobile service or enroll another new member with mobile service and:

  • Enroll between July 9 – August 2
  • Activate mobile service by August 15
  • Have active mobile service on the PayDay of October 12

Do I get $25 for each person I enroll?

Yes, there is no limit to the cash you can receive!

If I am a new member receiving $25, can I also enroll others and get $25?

Yes, as long as you and the members you enroll meet the qualifications of the promotion.

Do I have to submit a request to get the cash?

Nope, $25 will automatically be deposited on your PayCard on October 12.

Do I have to have an active PayCard to get the cash?

Yes, your Solavei PayCard must be activated by October 1.

What if I am not a Social Member?

The $25 will be applied to your October mobile service invoice. If your October invoice is due before October 12, the $25 credit will then be applied to your November invoice.

What if I am a Social Member Only (SMO) can I enroll members with mobile service and qualify?

Yes, as a Social Member Only, if you enroll members with mobile service you are eligible to receive the $25.

Does a new enrollee have to activate mobile service to qualify?

Yes, the member must be a mobile service member or a Social Member with Service. A Social Member Only (SMO) does not qualify for cash.

If I’m a Social Thousandaire, what else should I know?

If you have reached the Social Thousandaire Rank or above, you must have 200 qualified connections per thousandaire and above in your total network to be eligible for this promotion.

Here’s an easy way to determine if your Thousandaire or above position is eligible:

  1. Log into MySolavei
  2. Click on the Total Network tab
  3. Filter your network by rank
  4. Count the number of Social Thousandaires and above in your total network (including yourself)
  5. Find your total connections at the bottom of the Rank tab, and divide your total connections by the count of Social Thousandaires and above in your network.
  6. If that number is 200 or greater you qualify for the promotion!
  7. If you don’t qualify for the promotion, the new members you enroll are still eligible to earn $25.

I have multiple Social Memberships; if one does not qualify can I still participate using one of my other memberships?

Yes, each membership qualifies separately.