Wrap Your Ride

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Get cash back when you Wrap Your Ride!

We want to help you share Solavei easier by increasing the visibility of Solavei in your area. Wrapping your vehicle at your local vehicle wrap shop in Solavei purple & orange with your contact information is a simple, eye-catching way to promote Solavei.

Here’s how it works:

Get 1 Trio in 1 week $75 back on your wrap
Get 2 Trios in 1 week $250 back on your wrap
Get 3 Trios in 1 week $500 back on your wrap

Members Who Have Wrapped Their Ride


How do I get cash back for my wrap?

Once you have qualified for your package and wrapped your ride, email your recept to contest@solavei.com. You will receive a reimbursement check within 2 to 4 weeks of submission. Qualification requires that all members in your Trios enrolled during the contest have activated their Solavei Mobile Service.

What determines a Trio per week?

There are four, one-week periods to qualify in. Enroll and activate members in your city’s metropolitan area to contribute to your Trio count.

  • Week 1: 9/3 — 9/9
  • Week 2: 9/10 — 9/16
  • Week 3: 9/17 — 9/23
  • Week 4: 9/24 — 9/30

Can my Trios roll over each week, or be accumulated?

Because there are in effect 4 separate opportunities to earn wraps, Trios cannot be rolled over or otherwise combined in any way.

Where do I get my car wrapped?

You can choose any vehicle wrap shop you like. Solavei is not responsible for the outcome of the wrap.

Are there pre-designed wraps I can use?

Yes. You can find and download wrap templates on the Solavei Tools page.

Can I design my own wrap?

Absolutely! Members can design their own car wraps, as long as the designs are approved by the Solavei brand compliance team. Any member-designed Solavei promotional materials including car wraps must be approved prior to being used. Contact marketingguidelines@solavei.com for more information.

Can I add my contact info on the wrap?

Yes, we recomend it :)

Is there expiration date for my wrap?

The Wrap My Ride promotion ends September 30. You must submit your request for cash back within 30 days.

How can I find out more about car wraps?

Contact your desired vehicle wrap shop for specific details.

Will this be included in my earnings reported on Form 1099?

Yes it will be reflected in the year you receive the payment.